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Integrated Maternal Newborn and Child Healthcare

Funded By: Save the Children

Project Location: District Ziarat

Project Description:

The main purpose of project is to improve maternal and newborn health care in selected communities through viable and demonstrable initiatives. Project Goal is to improve the coverage and quality of maternal, newborn and child health care services in selected district in Balochistan province”, with the Objectives of;

  • To carry out community outreach and social mobilization, campaigns, BCC activities in LHWs uncovered areas in the targeted districts of IMNCH for sustainable change.
  • To build up referral linkages of communities and secondary level health facilities and also coordinate with health facilities to further link the follow up cases into HFs.



Long term Election Observation & Oversight Program

Funded By: Trust for Democratic Education & Accountability (TDEA)

Project Location: District Kharan, Washuk, Panjgur, Gawadar and Kech.       

Project Description

The overall objective of the TDEA-FAFEN strategy is to strengthen democratic institutions in Pakistan by contributing to transparent and accountable electoral processes. Free and fair elections are a vital element of democratic processes. The freedom and fairness of elections are not confined to Election Day. All aspects of the electoral cycle contribute to the freedom and fairness of elections and the democratic process as a whole. TDEA-FAFEN is implementing a long term observation programme as part of its overall election observation methodology, encompassing the monitoring of both pre and post electoral processes.



Strengthening Formal Education In Refugee-Affected And Hosting Areas

Funded By: UNHCR

Project Location:  District Pishin

Project Description:

The Project is aimed to strengthened formal education in UC Ajram by improvement of missing facilities in schools of refugee-affected and hosting areas.


Project Results and Deliverables

  • Functional PTSMC in 7 schools supporting the students in refugee affected communities at the end of the project
  • Support of the communities (all tribe Afghan- Pakistani) to the targeted schools
  • Specific, tangible and ongoing support from local government/ administration of the 4 government schools in the target area by the end of the project
  • Support for education department in monitoring the facilities provided by the project in 4 target schools from refugee affected and hosting area
  • 8 teachers are provided with teacher training e.g. good teaching Methods, joyful learning, child friendly school concept by the end of the project in target area
  • Improved infrastructure and environment of 6 schools with increased enrollment of girls in the target areas by the end of the project
  • 530students and 7teachers provided with clean drinking water and hygienic sanitation facility

Adult Literacy Centers funded by Social Welfare Department Govt Of Baluchistan

Project ID: 01-2009 / 2010

Funded By: Social Welfare Department Govt Of Baluchistan

Project Location: District Kill Abdullah

Description of the Project:

Youth Organization conducted the trainings for the adults of Killa Abdullah, and established community based formal schools which had a strong impact on the Community adults.


  • 16x Adult Literacy Centers were established.
  • 1300x adults have been trained on adult literacy concept.

Rehabilitation of Karez and providence of Safe drinking Water and Irrigation System

Funded BY:  GIZ International

Project Location: District Pishin

Description of the Project:

The Project is aim to support local community of Sanzala karez to improve the management of scarce water resources by reducing the overall impact of the present water crisis in the project area. The provision of permanent infrastructure will improve system efficiency by reducing losses and conveyance times between the source and outlets.



Enhancement of Existing Dam & Tree Plantation


Project Location: District Pishin

Description of the Project:

The proposed project is designed to meet the needs and demands of targeted community. The proposed community is a mix of local hosting and refugee population, where on one hand the refugee are vulnerable due to their refugee status and on other hand merge resources of the host community are exhausted due to hosting refugee since last 30 years.  Following were the outputs of the Project.


Hard Component:

  • Rising and improving the embankment of existing dam.
  • Making the spillway of existing dam.
  • Stone pitching of upper side embankment of dam.

Soft Components:

  • Community Organizations Formed
  • Health & Hygiene Sessions conducted
  • COs Training arranged

Supporting Women’s CNIC Registration and Voter Education

Funded BY:  Aurat Foundation/USAID Pakistan

Project Location: District Musakhail

Description of the Project:

The objective of this grant, is to increase the access to legal services  and  protection  of  GBV  survivors  by  increasing  CNIC  registration,  particularly  in district with some of the lowest rates of registration and high incidence of GBV. It will also focus on imparting voter Education to women and enhancing their engagement in the Political Processes.




Women receive Land Title from Government

Funded By: Aurat Foundation / USAID Pakistan

Project Location: District Naseer Abad & Jaffar Abad

Description of the Project:

The objectives of this Project are to facilitate Behavioral change, in particular to facilitate citizens and return the Land Titling to women, active participation in the process of Social change, and governance at all levels with active NGOs/ CBOs/ CSOs, enabling women to access information, resources and institutions, acquire control over their lives and improve attitudes and behavior towards women and their concerns.



Monitoring of LCA Trainings in the Region

Project ID: 06-2010 / 2011

Funded By:  Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE)

Description of the Project:

The objectives of this Project are to cover and oversee the non-residential LCA training event of each cluster in districts by monitoring and evaluation the performance of the CSO imparting LCA training and subsequently filling out the monitoring reports for LCA trainings. More over it carries out the monitoring activities in compliance with the LCA Monitoring Manual.