Youth Organization enjoys services of highly educated, competent trained and dedicated professionals. All people are employed through very transparent and vigilant procedures leaving no room for discrimination and prejudice. All present employees have been recruited after formal approval from respective donors.

Organizational Structure

Youth Organization is working throughout Baluchistan. It has a general body constituting more than 50 members from all spheres of the community including union councilor, union Nazim, doctors, educationists, Lawyers and general public. After each 2 years general body democratically elects Board of Directors (BOD) who formulate policies and make sure that organization runs constitutionally. President who is elected by (BOD) is the middleman between highly professional management team and BOD. noted on the overall performance of different projects by Executive Director in monthly meeting.

Executive Director, on the behalf of BOD sign the contracts with donors while at the end of program he/she is involved in assessment and evaluation study.

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