• Carry out systematic research for designing and implementing projects to achieve the goals set forth in the International Convention on Rights of women and children.
  • Conduct surveys and research studies that would provide key insights in the planning and development of new provincial level programs/initiatives.
  • Promote social development activities through seminars, conferences, debates and round table dialogues.
  • Work for youth empowerment in all over Baluchistan.
  • Create a regress social mobilization process for health and reproductive health rights.
  • Improve health and education facilities in rural areas and create awareness about deadly and communicable diseases.
  • Work for reduction of poverty and protection of consumer rights.
  • Create awareness about civic and human rights.
  • Promote efficient use of water for agriculture, livestock, people and industry.
  • Mobilize communities for rural development.
  • Increase understanding amongst line departments and community organizations.
  • Mobilize community organizations to pool in and develop local resources for collective and self-sustaining initiatives.
  • Advocate for elimination of environmental pollution and drug addiction.
  • Spread IT education in the targeted areas.
  • Create awareness about women and girls rights to seek an end to discrimination against them.

Strategic Thrust of the Organization

Utilizing the contemporary concept of Health and Education Integration, Youth Organization is striving to synergize the associated benefits of both thematic areas to bring about visible change within marginalized groups of the society.

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